Workstation solutions are the most powerful machines ever produced by INSYS. There are several customization alternatives with proprietary BAC solutions to enhance the corporate image. The entire corporate line has the possibility of specialized support.


Extreme performance

The PRO-W is a line of high performance workstations designed and optimized for various markets and adjusted to each customer. 3D / 4D modeling, Renders, Video Editing, CAD, CAM, Architecture and Engineering are some examples of the intention of this range. They are equipped with the latest multi-core Intel or AMD processors and state-of-the-art professional graphic cards. The PRO-W range is fully customizable for all needs and budgets, which allows for a cheaper TCO in the long run and super-efficient equipment.

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PRO W Mobile

Mobility and Performance

Pro-W notebooks follow the entire performance of the desktop line, using Intel or AMD desktop CPUs and state-of-the-art professional graphic cards. All the power in a mobile solution.
The power of a workstation is now combined with a thin and light design for professionals on the move. Due to its advanced features, it is possible to access and edit files anywhere.
Fully customizable and prepared to meet the needs of each client, it presents the best price / quality / performance ratio.

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