EPEAT certification

Inforlandia is the only national computer manufacturer to achieve the EPEAT.


EPEAT® environmental classification registry for electronic products EPEAT® is a complete environmental classification system that identifies electronic equipment which meets specific environmental criteria, combining comprehensive criteria for design, production, energy consumption and recycling with permanent and independent verification of claims made by manufacturers.

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Windows Certification

Hardware Compatibility

Inforlandia/INSYS – The first national manufacturer to obtain the “Microsoft Windows Hardware Compatibility” certification.

Pursuing its strategy of quality and conformity in the production process, Inforlandia has been working towards obtaining all the certifications that characterize international brands, among which it is positioned.

The submission of INSYS branded equipment for the “Windows 10 Client” certification was another successful step in the pursuit of that strategy.

INSYS AIO | INSYS ProB | INSYS DesigNote | INSYS PowerPlay | INSYS N9350TW

The successful passing of the “Windows Hardware Compatibility Certification” tests allows the use of the “Designed for Windows” logo, which gives credibility and offers confidence to customers who trust the logo as a guarantee of compatibility and reliability.

This program, which is particularly demanding in the set of tests and standards to be achieved, is intended to help develop systems and devices that, after tested and certified, guarantee that they meet Microsoft’s high and demanding standards for Windows 10, as well as guarantee the level of quality that allows customers an excellent Windows experience.

ISO 9001


ISO 9001 is the most used management systems standard worldwide, being the international reference for the Certification of Quality Management Systems. The adoption of a Quality Management System is, according to ISO 9001, a strategic decision by the Organization, in other words, taken at the highest level of decision to serve a specific purpose and obtain results.

By addressing the ability to satisfy customers’ needs and expectations, increase their satisfaction through a management system and improve the Organization’s overall performance, ISO 9001 is based on the fundamental purpose of the existence of an Organization.

ISO 9001 adopts an approach based on processes which incorporate the PDCA cycle of continuous improvement, and integrates risk-based thinking, allowing not only customer loyalty but also the competitiveness of the organization based on the pillars of sustainability.

ISO 14001


Inforlandia has been obtaining the ISO 14001 certification since 2012.
Compliance with the ISO 14001 ensures the rational use of energy and resources, in addition to reducing costs over time, guaranteeing that the management system is globally designed, implemented and maintained in accordance with the requirements of the Reference Standards; and it demonstrates its ability to consistently comply with applicable requirements, achieve objectives and implement the Organization’s policies.
In this way, Inforlandia’s environmental responsibility is expressed in relation to its products and services, complying with environmental standards and demonstrating its commitment to the environment in all its daily actions.

EnergyStar Certification

The ENERGY STAR® program was started in 1993 by the United States environmental protection agency (the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency – EPA).

The EPA has developed a test method to certify products with specific energy saving attributes. The ENERGY STAR® program gradually introduces, at a regular pace, increasingly stringent requirements, with the most recent revision taking effect on 11th October 2019.

Although the new standard is complex to comply with, our objective continues to be that 100% of product launches in the domestic market obtain this label. These energy requirements are the basis for other eco-labels, such as EPEAT and Blue Angel, and demonstrate our continued commitment to reducing the energy consumption of products.

RoHS Certification

RoHS is a set of European Union standards that implements Directive 2002/95 which restricts the use of hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment. This directive prohibits the marketing in the European Union market of any product with electrical / electronic components that contain more than the established limits for lead, cadmium, mercury, hexavalent chromium, flame retardants based on polybrominated biphenyl ether (PBB) and diphenyl polybrominated (PBDE).

All products produced and marketed by Inforlandia comply with RoHS standards.

CE Certification

The CE marking demonstrates that the products produced by Inforlandia meet the essential requirements of all relevant EU guidelines. About 25 guidelines require CE marking. The manufacturer, whether based inside or outside the community, is responsible for the product’s compliance with the applicable guidelines and for the affixing of the CE marking.

TCO Certification

Inforlandia already has certified products and is in the process of certifying new products under this standard.

The TCO Certification is a worldwide sustainability certification for electronic products, founded over 25 years ago. It is governed by socially responsible manufacturing criteria, both at the environmental level and at the individual level, guaranteeing that the products do not harm health guarantee the safety of the user, presenting an ergonomic design.


OAll criteria were developed from a life cycle perspective that covers the phases of manufacture, use and end of life or recovery. The models of certified products and the facilities where they are manufactured are independently verified in terms of compliance, alongside the sustainability initiatives undertaken by the company responsible for the brand. TCO Certification is available in eight product categories, including computers, projectors and screens, among others. TCO Certification is a Type 1 eco-label in accordance with ISO 14024.
A complete list of certified product models can be found at www.tcocertified.com