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SOHO Servers

For small and medium-sized companies looking to centralize their information, but with a structure that does not yet justify the investment in a higher-end server, Inforlandia proposes SOHO micro-servers.

With reduced size and energy consumption, these devices go unnoticed while, due to their configuration, they ensure 24/7 operation so that your business is what really matters.

With hardware fully adaptable to the company size and number of users, the main services are guaranteed, from Data Sharing, centralized ERP and Domain Networks to email management. Fast and stable performance, guaranteed by Xeon processors, ECC memory and enterprise range SSDs.

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Mid-Range Servers

Whether in tower or rack mount format, Inforlandia Corporate´s servers offer high performance, expandability and proven reliability. For growing companies, our Mid-Range server solutions keep up with that growth. There is the possibility of 1 or 2 Intel Xeon or AMD Epyc processors, offering scalability, density and flexibility in configurations to meet the real needs of the company.
Available in tower and rack formats of 1U to 4U.

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Enterprise Servers

Using the latest generation of Intel Xeon and AMD Epyc processors and optimized for High Performance Systems (HPC) environments, the High-End Enterprise devices are prepared for faster and faster processing of large data blocks, more intense workloads, minimizing the rack space, allowing for greater scalability.

They are designed for high performance in large-scale computing environments, responding to complex user workload requirements while accelerating overall computing capacity. From conventional workloads to the most challenging computing applications, the Enterprise range offers multiple platforms that support our customers in creating scalable, efficient, flexible and easy-to-manage data centers, as well as other complicated, high-performance computing infrastructures , such as:

Bioinformatics, Life Sciences and Computational Chemistry; Computational Finance and Computational Fluid Dynamics; Computer vision and MATLAB acceleration; Data mining, analysis and databases; Image, Molecular Dynamics, Climate, Climatic and Atmospheric Modeling; Oil and gas exploration; Physics and Scientific Research