Internationalization and Innovation

Internationalization and Innovation Project

Inforlandia, as a computer equipment manufacturer, has been constantly reinforcing its commitment to internationalization. After 30 years, it presents itself with a deep knowledge and experience in the technological sector, at local and international level, with a global presence already a reality.

The bet on research and development of innovative solutions has been supported in national and international partnerships with research centers, universities and other technological partners such as Microsoft and Intel. The value of the projects developed has been deserving of recognition by the technological community, in particular by the partners, through nominations and awards.

Sustainability has been maintained as a factor that fits into all decisions.

Internationalization Project (21695)

Support within the SME’s Internationalization Incentive System

Project Name: INFORLANDIA – Internationalization sustained by innovation

Project Codes: POCI-02-0752-FEDER-021695 and POCI-03-3560-FSE-021695

Main Objective: Strengthen the competitiveness of SMEs

Region of intervention: Aveiro

Beneficiary: Inforlandia SA

Financing Program:
Total eligible cost: € 301,489.67

European Union financial support:
ERDF – € 129,263.67
ESF – € 8,542.25

Project overview

INFORLANDIA started its activity in 1990, dedicating itself to the development and manufacture of computer equipment (desktop, portable, tablets and hybrids) and communications (smartphones, mobile phones and phones), through its own brand “INSYS”.

Currently, the promoter has already been awarded by several specialized magazines, regarding the computers of the “INSYS” brand. Also, in terms of certifications, the ISO 9001: 2008 and ISSO 14001: 2004 standards stand out, which the company intends to update soon.

The company is part of the VAGA, SGPS business group and has 13 nationally registered brands, of which it highlights “INSYS”, “INSYS Edu.Pro”, “BAC – Brand Art Concept”, “M4TRIXX” and “Cuckoo”. The main customers highlighted by the promoter are divided into the areas of distribution or resale – stores selling directly to the public; System integrators – specialized companies (for public tenders); Gamma Informatique (Tunisia); ARP Impor (Spain) – companies – Critical Lincs; Unitel (Angola); Cabo Verde Telecom (Cabo Verde) – and Public Sector – Hospitals; Madeira Health Centers; Public administration; Finance in Madeira; among others.

Concurrently, some reference names are identified in the sector of communications and computer equipment, such as:
HP; DELL; Acer; BQ; Wiko; Huawei; Modecom.

With regard to the established internationalization strategy, INFORLANDIA invests in diversification with entry into new markets (United States, Cape Verde, Mozambique, Morocco, Egypt, Colombia, Jamaica and Guinea-Bissau) and with new products (the “INSYS Edu .Pro ”and“ CUCo ”).

With regard to the objectives that the entity intends to be satisfied, throughout the implementation of the internationalization plan, the following are identified:
Bet on entering new markets, in order to boost the INSYS brand and commercialize the new “INSYS Edu.Pro” and “CUCo” solutions;
Implement customer management tools to monitor international operations;
Improve design and marketing skills;
Increase International and Total Turnover.

In order to achieve the aforementioned objectives, the Promoter bets, in its internationalization plan, on the following actions:

International Marketing:
Conducting an economic and financial feasibility study;

Presence on the web, through the digital economy:
Creating multilingual websites for some of the company’s brands, as well as optimizing search engines;
Prospecting and presence in international markets (Prospecting and attracting new customers).

Conducting prospecting actions in international markets:
Angola, Tunisia, Spain, Cape Verde, Mozambique, Morocco, Egypt, Colombia, Jamaica and Guinea-Bissau;

Knowledge of foreign markets (Fairs / Exhibitions) through participation in international fairs:
BETT SHOW (United Kingdom); DISTREE EMEA (Monaco); INTEL SOLUTIONS SUMMIT (Panama, Mexico and the Netherlands); MICROSOFT LYNC (Spain and the United States);

Introduction of a new method of organization in commercial practices or in external relations:
Acquisition of CRM software for managing international business relations.