Backup/Disaster Recovery


An application dedicated to the protection and recovery of data. It offers complete protection for all work environments, both domestic and business.

Organizations continue their journey towards digital transformation; applications and data play an increasingly important role in this process.

StorageCraft provides complete data protection, the best data recovery in the market and enterprise scalability, all through a simplified experience. StorageCraft is easy to implement and manage, ensuring secure data protection, a short period of data recovery.


It is a data storage solution connected to a network structure that provides high performance and reliability.
The choice of an enterprise solution has to do with the workload and the desired level of security.
In a Qnap solution we can use several disks in order to create redundancy between them, ensuring greater reliability of the data. On certain models Qnap added a PCi Express slot that allows the installation of network cards up to 10Gb. There is also the possibility to expand the RAM.